How does your business stand apart?

In today’s hyper-competitive, omni-channel world, unique approaches and meaningful differentiators are needed to stand out from the crowd. To properly service those unique needs, generic ERP suites and accounting systems can’t deliver.

Circle Commerce was specifically designed to address the uniqueness of every business. Our Adaptable Objects™ technology allows ANY feature of our ERP / Order Management Software to be readily adapted to fit each customer’s requirements: inexpensively, supportably, and most importantly – remaining fully upgradeable.

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Unique Clients, Unique Solutions


This leading gift cataloger needed to replace their aging Ecometry system (and eCommerce platform) with a fully integrated deliverable that could readily handle a wide array of product options and combinations and deliver total integration with eCommerce.

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World Pantry provides end-to-end support of the marketing and fulfillment process for some of the world’s great food brands. They needed to find a system that could support their changing requirements as more brands came on board, each with its own unique needs.

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Circle Commerce has been the ERP/Order Management Software solution at Vermont Teddy Bear through countless changes in their business, from their initial Teddy Bear business, to the variety of brands that now span multiple product lines and markets.

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“No matter what we ask Circle to do … they say YES .. and then they deliver. Outstanding!”Hans Laaspere, COO/CFO, Herrington Catalog
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Different Approach … Different Results.

It’s not just the software that’s different… it’s the whole ecosystem within Circle Commerce that supports our unique deliverable.

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