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So called “Order Management Systems” do just that – manage orders … not your business.

ERP suites are lumbering dinosaurs that barely know what a “channel” is … and were designed to have 1,385,128 configurations.You need one configuration – yours.

An Omni-Channel Business Management System (OCBMS) runs your entire omni-channel business … hence the name. It’s the HUB of your omni-channel world – managing an infinite and ever changing channel mix, supporting every process in your business, from accounting to warehouse, and supporting the vast array of integrations needed to flow information to customers, carriers, partners, processors, agencies … another constantly evolving mix.

The 4 cornerstones of an Omni-channel Business Management System (OCBMS)

Cornerstone 1: The Solution

Software that manages every function in your omni-channel business… and is remarkably adaptable. Read More >>

Cornerstone 2: Next Generation Technology

Powered by next generation database technology. Robust, stable, and built for speed. Blinding speed. Read More >>

Cornerstone 3: CoreTeam™ Support

Supported by U.S.-based, account-dedicated core teams that know you… and your business. Read More >>

Cornerstone 4: Total Cost of Ownership

Lower total cost of ownership = fast ROI. No software subscriptions, no charged-for enhancements. Read More >>

Omnichannel software should be robust, nimble and always evolving with your business.

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Success Tip:

Avoid Bloated, Rigid, Antiquated Software … and the Bloated, Rigid, Antiquated Companies that Provide It.

Circle Commerce doesn’t have (or want) a massive organization with thousands of employees. We’re a collection of small, focused teams of software developers and client support personnel … that deliver.

Small Teams = Big Success

We focus solely on the success of our customers,
not shareholder expectations or stock prices.

CoreTeam Support

U.S. based support that knows you, and your business.
All day, every day.

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Only 4 Things Matter.

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