The Circle Story

Circle Commerce:

Leadership in omnichannel ERP Systems

Circle Commerce was formed in 2011 to deliver fully adaptable omnichannel ERP systems to this rapidly growing industry segment. The management team of our company, and a number of key employees, have deep experience in the omnichannel industry.

We knew that our customers wanted to be able to modify their ERP software to their specific needs. In response, we created Adaptable Objects™ technology. Adaptable Objects™ is at the core of CircleHub and allows the platform to be customizable, yet fully supportable AND upgradeable. This means our customers get software that will actually work for their specific business methodologies, and isn’t tied to any one eCommerce platform. This commitment to adaptability is what sets Circle Commerce apart.

In 2012, Circle Commerce was selected as a Small Business Express participant by the State of Connecticut, and received significant grants and loans from the State’s Department of Economic and Community Development to help drive high-tech job growth within the state. In 2015, the company relocated its headquarters to a tech oriented campus in the corporate area of the Hartford/Springfield metroplex in southern New England.

At Circle Commerce, we are proudly rooted in New England, and have been from the beginning. Our entire team is based in Connecticut, and we are happy to speak with you either over the phone, via email, or through online chat. You’ll always get to speak to a human being who is committed to helping your business succeed. Get in touch today and discover our unique difference.