Circle Commerce at eTail West

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Who is at eTail West? Frank Hanshaw of Circle Commerce, Inc. Join us at eTail West 2018 in beautiful Palm Springs, CA! Stop by our booth, grab a numbered poker chip from us … find another delegate with a matching chip number, and win a Visa gift card which will cover your travel to the show (hint: it’s a 4 … Read More

10 Smart OMS/ERP Hacks

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There is more to business management than putting out fires and handling customer complaints. I’m going to share with you 10 clever tips, tricks, and hacks to help you improve your bottom line fast. Are you ready to work smarter, not harder? #Goodbusiness #Smartbusiness Smart ERP hacks: Ways to work smarter, not harder for seriously good results. Track it and … Read More

Adaptable Objects™ Extended to Mobile

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Circle Commerce has extended its unique Adaptable Objects™ technology to work with mobile technologies. Rocket Software, the provider of the extraordinary Universe database that powers Circle Commerce, has released Rocket Mobile, a cross platform mobile development tool that works on all mobile devices (Apple, Android, and Windows Phone), and is fully integrated with the Universe database, using RESTful web services … Read More

How to Evaluate Business Management / ERP Software for your Omnichannel Business

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Guest Author: Cory Gabel, Agency Director, Atticus Digital Marketing In today’s omnichannel marketplace, having a business system that properly fits your business can save you money – and make you money! Having an old/outdated order management system, or a patchwork of entry level accounting tools and a lot of Excel – or on the other end of the spectrum, having … Read More

Client Spotlight: 22 Years With Vermont Teddy Bear

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Vermont Teddy Bear and Circle Commerce

Circle Commerce is proud to mark 22 years as the ERP/Order Management Software solution provider for Vermont Teddy Bear. Vermont Teddy Bear is America’s largest provider of custom-made, personalized teddy bears. Each bear is lovingly handcrafted in Vermont, and the site is a multi-year BizRate Circle of Excellence Award winner, as rated by millions of customers. The company was started nearly 30 … Read More

Top 4 Omni-channel Business Trends for 2016

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Today’s consumer expects a seamless shopping experience from a single retailer, even if that retailer is active online, via catalog, and in person. Here are Circle Commerce’s top four omni-channel business trends for 2016. How does your business meet these changes? 1) In-store inventory search Large omni-channel retailers such as the Gap and L.L.Bean allow customers to browse online and check inventory in … Read More

10 Trends in eCommerce for 2016

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Top 10 Trends in E-Commerce for 2016

The world of eCommerce is ever-changing, but several trends have emerged that give a hint of what’s to come in 2016. Here are the 10 things we think you should watch for this year and beyond – how can your eCommerce system answer these trends? Smartphone shopping Having a well-organized and easy-to-navigate mobile site has been a growing concern in … Read More