Rapid Return on Investment.

No corporate helipads.
No shareholder golf retreats.
No extravagant (and meaningless) events at IRCE.

Your financial investment goes to one thing – you.

There are many areas to address in looking at the total cost of ownership of an OCBMS, ranging from the license for the software to the internal staff needed to support it.

Software. There are three ways that an OCBMS can be priced: monthly “cloud rental”, a revenue sharing model, and the more traditional license approach. The monthly and revenue share models are great – if you’re the software vendor that profits from them. Circle Commerce prefers the license model, because it’s better for our clients. It’s a simple, age-old question: why rent when you can own?

Upgrades. Isn’t that what maintenance is for? Many of our existing clients came to us when they were faced with the monstrous fee for the “next upgrade” from their bloatware vendor. Circle Commerce has never charged for upgrades and never will.

Maintenance/Support. All database and application software have maintenance/support available, based on the license price. Our percentage is 20%, average for the industry. Many of our large competitors start with their “low-end maintenance” at a percentage higher than that, and ramp up to nearly 40% for “professional support”. Shouldn’t it all be professional?

IT staff. Most ERP competitors utilize one of the old-school SQL databases, and for a system of any reasonable size, require a DBA (database administrator) to keep it running properly. For mid-sized systems, the fully-loaded personnel cost for the DBA alone can be as much as the entire system from Circle Commerce.

System users. This is the “stealth” item for most systems. Because of Circle Commerce’s ability to specifically fit each system to each customer, functions – and in many cases entire positions – can be eliminated or re-assigned through proper automation. It’s not uncommon for Circle Commerce customers to determine that their labor savings exceed the system price.

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